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i've kinda been telling myself for the past couple weeks that i'm going to STOP purging or i'll force myself to tell my bf what i've been doing

now i think i'm ready to be serious about it

from today on i will be restricting & fasting my way to my goal

my insides are raw from purging every single day, my teeth hurt and my sinus cavity is so messed up

i hope i still have some of you ladies for support xox

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I will try my best to update but I can't promise anything.
You'd think moving out would have been easier...

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Since moving out I've found it harder to stay on track. There's been party aftter party. Seems like whenever i'm drunk, I eat & oh boy do I do eat!
I'm back at my mom's place until Sunday evening. I'm wondering if anyone would like to liquid fast with me until I gotta go back home?

xposted 'cause i need ppl to keep me in check!

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I failed, yet again.
So much has been driving me to over eat the worst foods. There's a possibility of not being able to attend college in '08, my mom is getting antsy about kicking me out, i'm having trouble with my health insurance and I'm having such a hard time saving up money....

Anyone wanna start a liquid fast with me 2morrow? I'm back up to 140 and need to lose 20lbs at least by the time I have my physical in early November.

Help me out.

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2nd coffee [Wed]
 and still trying to keep busy while watching skinny minnies =)
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and because im shaking like a leaf [Tue]
I'm having some bran cereal.

I dissapoint myself a lot. 
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Got home from the interview and had another coffee and 2btls. of water.



I have a job interview 2 hrs away so I just made myself a coffee.
It's too steamin' hot to drink yet so it has not yet been consumed.
1 coffee until 12. If I don't feel hunger pains (but still can hear it grumble) I don't eat.
If I must, I will have half of a small can of veggie soup and save the rest for dinner.

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